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Biodanza Värmland

​Värmland, Sverige

I'm Geraldine Aconcia. I have lived half of my life in Argentina and half of my life in Sweden.

I am human, friend, mother, neighbor and much more.

I am grundskollärare. I have thirteen years of experience teaching children, adolescents and adults.

I met biodanza in 2012 and since then I have been in contact with it.

Today I facilitate biodanza groups in Sweden.


Mina kurser/extensions:

2022 Biodanza Extension Training “The Hero´s Journey”, teacher Flavio Boffetti

2019 Biodanza Vivencial Seminar “Identity and the 4 Elements”, teacher Helene Levy Benseft.

2018 Biodanza Vivencial Seminar “Voice, Music and Percussion”, teacher Sergio Cruz.

2018 European Biodanza Congress in Spain

2017 – 2022 Teacher Training, Norsk Biodanzaskole

2017-2018 Participant in regular group, facilitator Ingeborg Kjos-Hanssen (Sverige)

2014 Participant in regular group, facilitator Ricardo Spreafico (Argentina)

Vad betyder biodanza for mig.

Biodanza is for me an eye opener, a door opener, a heart opener. An invitation to embrace the magnificence of singularity as an indispensable part of a whole (what a balm!). Biodanza humanizes me and confronts me with the responsibility of creating the life I want. It makes me feel the pulse of latent life that keeps us communicated and allows me to integrate poetry in everyday life. I love the transcendent experience of “being the music”! Expressing myself through movement and getting in tune with other people. Biodanza gives me lenses of tenderness and beauty. It brings me joy, hope and fun.

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